How To Deal With New Job Nerves

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Getting a new job is pretty exciting. All that hard work finally pays off with a job that you’re looking forward to and career that you can’t wait to start – until that daunting first Monday morning when the new job nerves creep up on you. Suddenly you find yourself filled with doubt and wonder why you ever even got offered the job in the first place. If your new job nerves are really starting to affect your confidence, then the first thing to remember is:

Don’t panic.

Everybody suffers from new job nerves, even if they don’t admit. But, if you think your nerves are starting to affect your performance, then check out this list of five tips for making sure that your new job nerves don’t get the better of you. Continue reading

10 Top Questions To Ask In Your Interview

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After spending so long researching your prospective employer and preparing competency-based questions, it can be easy to forget that interviews are also a time for you to ask questions too. Not only does asking your interviewer smart questions give you a better insight into the dynamics of the company, but the right questions can also help to reinforce your position as the right candidate for the job. You’ll be up against some strong candidates, so asking intelligent questions at the end of the interview is another great way to make yourself stand out.

So, what are the smart things to ask when your interviewer places the power in your hands? Continue reading

What If Your First Job Isn’t ‘The One’?

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You’ve gone through hundreds of applications, spoken to endless potential employers and attended more interviews than you thought was possible to cram into your busy graduate schedule – and you’ve finally landed that dream job. Well done you! But after a couple of months, you start to feel uneasy. There’s something about the company that you’re not sure on. The work you’re doing seems to be lacking, and your team environment is not what you’d hoped for. Suddenly, your dream job doesn’t feel so dreamy after all, and you’re left wondering whether you even made the right decision in taking it.

Now you feel even more hopeless than you did when you first graduated. What are you supposed to do when you realise that, actually, your first job isn’t the career path you want to pursue? Continue reading

What I’ve Learnt Since Graduating #1: A suit can be unsuitable for work

I’m a firm believer in power-dressing, so the first thing IBarney Keep Calm and Suit Up Cartoon did as a I embarked on my career-search was head into town and buy a suit with my savings. The perfectly tailored, navy combo that I picked up from Next set me back £100, but it looked the part whilst making me feel like I was wearing pyjamas.

Plus, it was an investment, I told myself. I’ll be in a suit for the rest of my working life, I told myself. Continue reading

Curiouser and curiouser: Afternoon Tea @ The Richmond Tea Rooms

Richmond Tea Rooms

Last weekend I journeyed down the rabbit hole to visit the iconic Richmond Tea Rooms.  Located in the colourful Gay Village alongside Manchester’s canal, this independent café and bar offers a unique dining experience.  Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, the décor is as mad as a Hatter and the food is pricey, but delicious. Continue reading

Northern Dictionary: Barm, Bap, Cob, Stotties, Muffin, Roll, Breadcake, Oven Bottoms, Batch etc…

Northern DictionarySouthern translation:

Bread rolls.

Exact translation:

Unknown – Northerners themselves are even undecided as to what the official difference is between each of these bready treats.

Hard core linguists who are keen to understand the in-depth meanings of the Northern language can try to decipher the differences through this reddit argument. Proceed if you dare.

Examples of sentences:

“Give ‘at duck some of yer cob”

“Ooooh I fancy a nice tasty barm”

Northern Dictionary: Dinner

Southern translation:ABM_1406580881


Exact translation:

A lunching type meal consumed during the lunching hours of the day by confused Northerners. Often wrongly resulting in people thinking that Northerners cannot tell the time, this meal usually consists of typical lunch-type items such as sandwiches and crisps.

To make things even more confusing, these time-manipulating Northern folk will then have ‘tea’ at dinner time – not a cup of tea, a full blown meal. How controversial.

Example of use:

“I’ll have a sandwhich for my dinner and then a roast for tea.”