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How To Deal With New Job Nerves

Originally written for Milkround.comFreddie-Pena

Getting a new job is pretty exciting. All that hard work finally pays off with a job that you’re looking forward to and career that you can’t wait to start – until that daunting first Monday morning when the new job nerves creep up on you. Suddenly you find yourself filled with doubt and wonder why you ever even got offered the job in the first place. If your new job nerves are really starting to affect your confidence, then the first thing to remember is:

Don’t panic.

Everybody suffers from new job nerves, even if they don’t admit. But, if you think your nerves are starting to affect your performance, then check out this list of five tips for making sure that your new job nerves don’t get the better of you. Continue reading “How To Deal With New Job Nerves”

10 Top Questions To Ask In Your Interview

Originally written for Milkround.com2439704

After spending so long researching your prospective employer and preparing competency-based questions, it can be easy to forget that interviews are also a time for you to ask questions too. Not only does asking your interviewer smart questions give you a better insight into the dynamics of the company, but the right questions can also help to reinforce your position as the right candidate for the job. You’ll be up against some strong candidates, so asking intelligent questions at the end of the interview is another great way to make yourself stand out.

So, what are the smart things to ask when your interviewer places the power in your hands? Continue reading “10 Top Questions To Ask In Your Interview”

What If Your First Job Isn’t ‘The One’?

Originally published on Milkround.comfirst-job

You’ve gone through hundreds of applications, spoken to endless potential employers and attended more interviews than you thought was possible to cram into your busy graduate schedule – and you’ve finally landed that dream job. Well done you! But after a couple of months, you start to feel uneasy. There’s something about the company that you’re not sure on. The work you’re doing seems to be lacking, and your team environment is not what you’d hoped for. Suddenly, your dream job doesn’t feel so dreamy after all, and you’re left wondering whether you even made the right decision in taking it.

Now you feel even more hopeless than you did when you first graduated. What are you supposed to do when you realise that, actually, your first job isn’t the career path you want to pursue? Continue reading “What If Your First Job Isn’t ‘The One’?”

What I’ve Learnt Since Graduating #1: A suit can be unsuitable for work

I’m a firm believer in power-dressing, so the first thing IBarney Keep Calm and Suit Up Cartoon did as a I embarked on my career-search was head into town and buy a suit with my savings. The perfectly tailored, navy combo that I picked up from Next set me back £100, but it looked the part whilst making me feel like I was wearing pyjamas.

Plus, it was an investment, I told myself. I’ll be in a suit for the rest of my working life, I told myself. Continue reading “What I’ve Learnt Since Graduating #1: A suit can be unsuitable for work”

17 Ways Your Work Christmas Party Is Just Like a School Disco

Christmas can often bring out the child in us, and the office Christmas party is no exception.

Here’s proof that this year’s office do is just like the discos you experienced in secondary school. Continue reading “17 Ways Your Work Christmas Party Is Just Like a School Disco”

18 Things Students Say That Annoy Graduates

Your student days are likely to be some of the best of your life.

However, once you’ve left the university bubble and real life begins, you’ll find yourself irritated and maybe ever so slightly resentful of all the students still living the dream.

Here are the most annoying comments students make that really get on our grumpy-grad nerves… Continue reading “18 Things Students Say That Annoy Graduates”

31 Awkward Experiences You’ll Face When Starting A New Job

After months of painstaking applications and horrific interviews, you’ve finally landed a job!

The hard part is over, all you have to do now is get through the first week without making a complete fool of yourself.

Simple? You would think so, but here are 31 of the worst first-job experiences that many of us are likely to suffer: Continue reading “31 Awkward Experiences You’ll Face When Starting A New Job”

12 Blood-Boiling Things Parents Say to Graduates

Having to move back in with your parents after Uni is humiliating. After having the best three years of your life, you’re forced to abandon your independence and shack up with mum and dad. Not only is it bad enough that you no longer have full control over the TV, you are also subjected to daily interrogations on your career plans and pointless arguments about domestic rules.


If that wasn’t bad enough, it’s as if your parents are only able to say the same things to you, day in, day out.

If you find any of the statements below incredibly irritating, then it is likely that you have been living with the burden of your parents for longer than you can bear: 

Continue reading “12 Blood-Boiling Things Parents Say to Graduates”

27 Children’s TV Characters You’re Guaranteed To Meet In Real Life

Children’s TV was great – not only was it brilliant for filling your Saturday mornings, but it also prepared you for some unruly characters in later life.

Here’s 27 people the 90′s kids programmes warned you about meeting:

1. The Spoilt Princess – Angelica (Rugrats)

She has regular access to her daddy’s bank account and understands the devastation of the recession – her parents were forced to downgrade their food shopping to Waitrose basic. Continue reading “27 Children’s TV Characters You’re Guaranteed To Meet In Real Life”

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